Modern Water Fuel Circuits 


I decided to put this basic entry version circuit at top of this page as most of you all need to fully understand this one first ,

i know most of you will say "God so basic "but yes it is ,


Keep this version in mind at all times before moving on to the 2020 Circuits.

Remember no salts no electrolyete only distilled water ,

BESURE to put a Gap in your transformer /Choke

as it makes more capacitience to cell.

We can all laugh but remember as of May 2020 many of the so called Best in world  hydrogen companies are still stupidly using electrolysis and have

no idea of VOLTROLYSIS

Simply put  take their business away from them immediatley. 

Febuary 26, 2013

Here is Daniel's power stage that he used in trials and tests with values ​​and everything. 

Sorry for the delay in uploading the scheme but it is not easy to design and upload something that really works well, this one I am uploading works quite well with power supplies from 15 to 350VDC  The coupling with the pulse generator is by a driver for the TLP 250 mosfet, it is like an optocoupler but improved. It works well up to 25Khz. I use an IRFPC60 N-channel mosfet that supports up to 600v but if they are going to feed it with less than 200vcc an IRFP250 or 260 is fine.


Power: 15 vdc to 350 vdc.
Maximum current: 4A
Maximum frequency: 25khz
Input: TTL signal (5vcc) 20ma max.

NOTE  BE SURE TO SMALL GAP the E52 2000 Perm Core

Cold Process

No electrolyte

Voltrolysis Stanley A Meyer

Many people are shocked when they realize they Stanley A Meyer Systems and methods work as stated, they are also often shocked to learn  water is fuel.  What often shocks them most is Stan's systems and circuits are extremely wide spread in use and being taught built and put in place around the world. This Initial Circuit below is " School Girl Circuit" if a School girl can build this and have water fuel so can you .  ENJOY  ( no electrolytes  use distilled water.)

Stanley A Meyer 8xa Circuit Voltrolysis.


GO Faster Go Further 

Stan Meyer's 8XA - 90 degree control:


•28 May 2013  ( attention is in the detail of what does 90' degrees mean.?" LMD)


Stanley A Meyer 7141247U.jpg
Stanley A Meyer 7139450A.jpg

Electrical Polarisation Process - Water electrolysis

 •8 Mar 2014


Stanley A Meyer 7139671e.jpg

8XA Bifilar inductor

 •9 Mar 2014


Stan Meyer's 8XA - Amazing Step Charge !!!!!


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Stanley Meyers 8XA - Amazing Step Charge

Stan Meyer's 8XA circuit has one serious drawback - if network frequency (110 Volts / 60 Hz) is change, "Step Charge" settings too changing.


As you know, the network frequency is vary! Stan Meyer's 8XA circuit without 4-Diode Bridge Rectifier. The circuit work like Stan Meyer's VIC - "Half-wave rectification":


"Gated" Generator is tuned to 51 Hz ! (Supply frequency 50 Hz / 220 Volts) My modifying 8XA circuit with Half-wave rectification and 180 degree control:

 (Zener Diode is added)

High Voltage, Low Current - Water Conductivity


•30 Jul 2016


8XA-Car Alternator.JPG

Stan Meyer's 8XA

 •5 May 2013


Stanley A Meyer 8XA Petlov 7905521K.jpg

Water cell with Isolated surface... Is this possible?


•12 Feb 2015  Toroidal transformer - FERROCORE T41X15X27 As you see, about 600 Volts is absolute minimum for Water dissociation, if Water Cells is covered with insulation layers! Now i search more effective insulation method.


Stanley A Meyer Isolated DBD barrier cel
Stanley Myer chokes transformer

Stan Meyer's Electron Extraction Circuit- Training Version

•13 May 2013


Stanley A Meyer Electron Extraction Circ

8XA circuit with High Power SCR


•3 Jun 2013  Stan Meyer's 8XA circuit has one serious drawback - if network frequency (110 Volts / 60 Hz) is change, "Step Charge" settings too changing. As you know, the network frequency is vary! This can cause heat and changing results


Generator is created with LM 566 - VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) For prevent overheating resistors, Ultra High Power SCR is controlled by other Low Power SCR - Darling ton circuit


8XA circuit with High Power SCR.png

HHO Ultra Power Driver


•16 Jun 2013  This is my new circuit! "Step Charge" time is constant. Output Driver power is over 30000 Watts - over, over, over... than need!  

"Frequency Adjust" - tune "Step Charge" time. "Maximum Voltage Adjust" - tune maximal voltage limit. "Positive Ramp Offset Adjust" - coordinate triangle waveform to optocoupler.


"Minimum Voltage Adjust" - tune the minimum voltage at which water molecule is Breakdown - "Water Breakdown Point" "Step Charge" vary between Voltage "Water Breakdown Point" and "Maximal Voltage"!


Ultra short pulse water electrolysis

16 Oct 2013


Stanley Meyer's Water Fuel Cell Resonant Condition with use TAP WATER Professor M. Kanarev - "GENERATORS OF GLOBAL (CLEAN) ENERGY"   BACKUP DOCUMENT HERE

"A novel method of hydrogen generation by water electrolysis using an ultra-short-pulse power supply"          BACKUP DOCUMENT HERE     also see Lex Banki Nano pulser

MOSFET Power Driver circuit  Ultra short
MOSFET Power Driver circuit  Ultra short

Water electrolysis

•22 Feb 2014